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Link: Paraneoplastic Autoantibody Evaluation, Serum

Serological evaluation of patients who present with a subacute neurological disorder of undetermined etiology, especially those with known risk factors for cancer

  • Directing a focused search for cancer
  • Investigating neurological symptoms that appear in the course of, or after, cancer therapy, and are not explainable by metastasis
  • Differentiating autoimmune neuropathies from neurotoxic effects of chemotherapy
  • Monitoring the immune response of seropositive patients in the course of cancer therapy
  • Detecting early evidence of cancer recurrence in previously seropositive patients

This page gives detailed information on Mayo Clinic’s PVAL or paraneoplastic autoantibody testing via blood, known as  serum, testing. All the information and antibodies tested for can be found at

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