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Video: Proof of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

Autumn Asphodel talks about proof of her DID. You can see all her videos by going to her youtube page.

Is dissociative identity disorder (DID) / multiple personality disorder (MPD) real or fake? It is a real condition that stems from past trauma, denial, and/or dissociation. Proof comes from how it correlates with hypnosis. However, factitious disorder, hypochondria, and iatrogenesis, are all ways it can be faked, or even unintentionally or intentionally caused by someone else, or the individual themselves. Self-diagnosis can also be dangerous, so be careful.

1:08 – Origin (Reason to Dissociate)
3:19 – Correlation with Hypnosis
10:29 – Intentional & Faking



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