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Video: What Are Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES)?

There is not enough awareness right now (and that is changing) so I want to share what PNES were to me. Psychogenic non epileptic seizures are painful, scary, confusing, isolating, and a gazillion other negative response adjectives. The truth is that there is not a lot of information that is easily found for those who have it, and it’s scary to think about, but most doctors are only familiar with the name. When I was in the emergency room, in the midst of a grand mal seizure, the doctor pulled my friend aside to convey that these are not actual seizures and implied that I was faking. This is unnerving that an emergency room doctor would so quickly dismiss this.
I am so grateful that my guardian angel was there to advocate for me, she so lovingly told the doctor that she has seen me act and i am definitely not that good… lol. No, not with any humor at all she did tell him that there is no way I could fake what was happening.

A woman talks about PNES or psychogenic seizures. Her website is –

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