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Visitor Survey

Visitor Survey

Video Project


 To create a Public Service Announcement/educational out-reach video for YouTube to raise HE awareness and help family/friends/loved ones understand HE.


The deadline has been put off due to the delay in getting this page up. For more information, refer back to the original Facbook post, YouTube Video Project.

How To

Record a digital video via webcam/digital camera/smart phone, etc using the script/outline. The script can be found on the website under Projects/Video Project/Video Project Script (clicking this link will open a new tab or window).

To upload the video directly to this site from this page, click the “Rec” button below. Your webcam or camera on your smart phone or tablet will be automatically activated. You may be asked to allow access to your webcam or camera before you can record, click “accept“.

You can review your video before sending it via this page. If you want to record again, do not click “send” and reload this page. If you would like a copy of your video, please send a message.

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Please try to keep videos short recorded on this page short. I’m unsure how much time you will have to record and it may also depend on the device you’re recording from, i.e. smart phone, laptop, etc. To make it easier to edit, please try to keep the video within 5 to 10 minutes via upload. If you want to record a video and uploading to elsewhere, let me know and we can arrange that as well.

Below is a list of those who have asked to participate in this project.

I have the following people who want to participate.

Tabitha Andrews Orth
Lisa Whaley Foley
Monique Lipari Calavari
Sally Carty
Susan Foley
Cheryl McQuaid
Barbara Layt Vujaklija
Bibi Sherman
Shelley E. Lunsford
Anji Hogan-Fesler
Nicola Egoroff Nelson
Gitte Lehman
Jenn Kral






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