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Visitor Survey

Visitor Survey

Video Project Script

Steroid Responsive Autoimmune Encephalitis Related to Thyroiditis PSA


“Hi, my name is ____.”



“I am ____ years old.”

You do not have to include your age if you do not wish to do so.


“I was diagnosed with ___ ___ years/months/weeks ago.”


“When my symptoms first began, …”

Talk about the onset of your symptoms, events that may have triggered symptoms, or the moment you knew something was really wrong such as a trip to the ER, etc.


“On a daily basis, I experience …”

Talk about a typical day (if there is such a thing).

Also talk about the emotions you feel and the way other perceive you and how that affects you as well.


“This disease has affected my ability to …”

Talk about effects disease has had on your quality of life, family, and friends.


“The scariest thing/incident/symptom of this disease, for me, has been …”

Talk about an incident, symptom, or other that has been the hardest or frightened you the most.


After finishing the questions and answers, please ask the viewer to “share” this video to help raise awareness of this and other AE diseases.

Finish the video by saying “We have HE but HE does not have us.”

We are hoping to edit in a segment about what SREAT is and what we do know about it. Sally C. has talked about interviewing her doctor for possible inclusion (thank you Sally).

We might say at the very end after everyone’s clips have shown, “Knowledge is power and we hope that this knowledge helps you to see the signs that might save the life of a loved one. Learn more about HE at or (insert Auto Immune Encephalitis link).”


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