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Blog: #ZebraFightTonight against #HashimotosEncephalopathy

On the 26th of April, local Oregon news station, KMTR interviewed husband and wife, Tim and Kelly McCabe. Kelly is battling a rare autoimmune disease known as Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy (also know as Steroid Responsive Autoimmune Encephalopathy Associated with Thyroiditis or SREAT). Recently a member of the online support group, Understanding Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy – A Support Forum, Tabitha Andrews-Orth, met up with Kelly for the first time in person.

These women both have suffered extensively from this form of autoimmune encephalopathy, which has left them with long term neurological deficits and has impacted their quality of life. They are both treated for this rare condition by local neurologist, Dr. Estevez at RiverBend Hospital in Oregon. However, recently these two very ill women have been denied plasmapheresis treatment which was prescribed by Dr. Estevez as the best treatment for their debilitating medical condition. The board of directors at RiverBend Hospital are allegedly keeping these women from receiving treatment which has been scientifically proven to improve patients quality of life.

On the 27th of April, these two women followed by local supporters held a rally to support them in getting the treatment they desperately need. Kelly and Tabitha have compiled over 50 peer reviewed studies which support the use of plasmapheresis in patients diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy to deliver to the board representative. However, upon their previously announced arrival, no one met these women to receive the studies from Kelly and Tabitha. The women were, in full view of cameras and supporters, escorted from the premises by hospital security.

Their courageous battle has now taken to Facebook across three different groups who support patients diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Encephalopathy or other autoimmune encephalopathies, as well as providing information to those who suspect they may have this condition, as well as family, friends, and caregivers. The videos are being shared across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Furthermore, their fellow support group members are taking to social media, including Twitter and sharing the videos using the hashtags “#ZebraFightTonight” and “#HashimotosEncephalopathy”.

Time will ultimately tell how far this story will reach as those who support these two women continue to share their stories via social media. Dxiled will keep you posted on this story as it develops. For now, you can also follow this story on KMTR Eugene, OR by visiting their website

The original story by Angelica Carrillo and KMTR staff can be found at–301378821.html?tab=video&c=y.

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