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Video: My Childhood & Teenage Years as a Transgender Schizophrenic with PTSD

A woman talks about her past and DID.

The story of my past (childhood, teenage years, middle and high school) and the struggle I had at becoming my true self, through the mental disorders and trauma. It was a difficult journey as I struggled with my gender identity as a male to female and endured severe trauma from a very early age, including abandonment.

(This was the most difficult video I have done. A big thank you to anyone who watches the entire thing!)

0:54 – Childhood Years
8:32 – Preteen & Teen Years
12:04 – Middle School – Abuse
14:27 – Middle School – Anger
16:51 – High School – Abuse
24:25 – High School – Anger & Delusions
29:28 – High School – Aftermath
32:30 – Present Day

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